The Whiteboard: All-in-One Conference Room Device

When it comes to conference room technologies today, A/V professionals have the “I want it all” mindset. Something to take faster notes. Something for easier design. Something to give remote workers an “in-person” vibe.

The people asked. Technology delivered.

But now today’s organizations are trying to simplify. Instead of 10 A/V products solving 10 problems in the conference room, you probably want one product that solves them all.

Surprise. Chances are you already have it. The whiteboard.

Whiteboard 2.0

Well, why not? You can surround teams with the most sophisticated collaboration technology available. They’re still going to rally around the whiteboard. That’s why every conference room has one. 100M are sold every year. They serve as the central medium through which creative and technical ideas are communicated.

So, instead of adding a whiteboard to your conference room as an afterthought, perhaps it’s the first place to start.

Of course, traditional boards aren’t exactly a “technical” device. They can’t be integrated elegantly with other conference room solutions. They’re awkward for virtual teams. But there’s a new generation of digital whiteboarding systems, such as Kaptivo’s, which offer an all-in-one collaboration experience–from initial content creation to digital sharing.

Gone are the days of glare and people standing in the way. Remote participants can see what’s being added to the whiteboard in real time without obstruction. These new systems are even compatible with multiple video conferencing, allowing remote users to feel like they’re all in the same room.

Balancing Ease of Use with Security

Today’s “new” digital whiteboards also take security to a new level.

With an all-in-one whiteboard sharing system, you don’t need to worry about losing information to the eraser or exposing sensitive data to prying eyes (or their smartphones). The content can all be saved to view and share later in a crystal clear digital replication.

Innovation has always been about designing a new product or finding a way to make an old product better.

You might say all-in-one whiteboards do both.

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