Wireless Collaboration Perfected

Wireless Collaboration Devices. Visually collaborate by your team, Klik product integrates perfectly with today's dynamic meeting, collaboration and educational facility needs. Klik products allow users to share contents of their devices with a big screen, meeting attendees can view presentation right on their own devices. Klik a powerful wireless adaptable and affordable collaboration system.

Klik Products

Klikboks Hub

HUB allows you to send content to any and all KLIK-equipped screens, at the same time. Just choose where you want to share content and turn all those screens into extensions with mixed content from all presenters.


Klik Stik

Klik Stik turns any TV, Display or Projector into a Wireless Presentation screen, in as little as 2 minutes. Fully automated installation, STIK is the smallest, easiest, and most affordable professional screen sharing device in the World!


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