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We sell exclusively to qualified resellers. We do not sell to end users. If your business is involved in the AV/IT or ICT industry, chances are you’re perfectly suited to resell and integrate the solutions we represent and support.


Kaptivo is an real time collaboration tool. Kaptivo enables people to be creative and productive by working together. Kaptivo is a standard whiteboard to seamlessly capture images, live stream content and integrates video conferencing .

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Epiphan Video produces audio visual solutions to capture, scale, mix, encode, stream, record and play high resolution video. Epiphan serves in various sectors such as live event production,education, healthcare, collaboration,security .

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CTG Audio

CTG manufactures unique installed audio systems. CTG systems are typically used for teleconferencing, presentation venues, distance learning, meetings that require recording, courtrooms etc. Systems easily integrate to video conferencing.

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Amino has decades of successful Enterprise Video and Digital Signage deployment, they provide reliable media players and software tools for delivery of high quality audio, video, and graphics in commercial settings. They provide you with centralized visibility and management of deployed devices from anywhere .

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KLIK develops technologies and products that integrate perfectly with today's dynamic meeting, collaboration and educational facility needs. Our products allow users to share the contents of their devices with a big screen, while meeting attendees can view the presentation right on their own device.

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Niveo Professional

Niveo Professional provides best in class Network switches in 1G, 10G and AVB with Best in class Propriety Energy Saving features, having all varieties of managed and unmanaged switches, outshining others with easier installation, best installer support and competitive pricing with a 10 YEAR WARRANTY.

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Digitel desire to articulate the creative energy in a way that ensures a long term competitive advantage to its customers, providing employees and collaborators with professional development of their creative potentials.

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Cloud based digital signage software enabling retail brands to control the content broadcast to screens located across any store at the click of a button! It Offers as a full integration between people and digital signage.

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