Value-Added Distributor

QTech Distribution is an Authorised Distributor for a few progressive American and European brands that offer very compelling value and offer the latest technology solutions.
Most of our early adopted products have grown to be Multi-Million Dollar brands.

We Aim to bring International brands that offer Innovation, Simplified Technology, and Affordable pricing to our clients Globally.

We are a Prosumer Equipment and Reselling Enterprise with applications for huddle rooms, conference rooms, board rooms, streaming, and training solutions.

Through our wide network of channel partners across, we aim to provide sustained and stable products with a focus on service and technical support to the brands we represent.

Our Warehouses in India, Dubai, and Singapore are stocked with ready units of most of our products available on-site, through this we are able to ship across units to customers much faster than other resellers.

Being Authorised Distributors, we are able to provide 100% Genuine, Authentic products with Warranty direct from the OEM’s.
All our products are procured legally, with all Invoices, duty, clearance and taxes paid delivered directly to your doorstep.