N10GSM, 1310 nm Single-mode XFP 10G(SM, GBIC)


Single Mode 10G Fiber Module

The Single Mode 10G Fiber Module stands at the forefront of high-speed data transmission, offering a range of advanced features tailored for demanding networking environments. Designed to meet the stringent requirements of both Fiber Channel and Ethernet standards, this module ensures reliable and efficient performance across various applications.

Key Features:

  1. High-Speed Single Mode Connectivity:
    • Specifically engineered for Single Mode networks, providing robust and efficient 10G data transmission.
  2. Power Budget of 16dB:
    • Boasting a power budget of 16dB, this module ensures a reliable and stable link over extended distances.
  3. Fiber Channel Standard Compliance:
    • Compliant with the 10GFC-1200-SM-LL-L Fiber Channel Standard, ensuring compatibility and seamless integration into Fiber Channel networks.
  4. Ethernet Standard Compliance:
    • Adheres to the IEEE802.3ae 10GBASE LW/LR Ethernet Standard, making it suitable for high-performance Ethernet applications.
  5. XFP MSA Compliance:
    • Meets the XFP Multi-Source Agreement (MSA) standard INF-8077i, ensuring interoperability with XFP-compatible devices.
  6. Differential LVPECL Inputs and CML Outputs:
    • Utilizes Differential Low Voltage Positive Emitter-Coupled Logic (LVPECL) inputs and Current Mode Logic (CML) outputs, enhancing signal integrity and reliability.
  7. Single Power Supply 3.3V:
    • Operates on a single 3.3V power supply, streamlining power requirements for efficient and simplified integration.
  8. TTL Signal Detect Indicator:
    • Features a TTL signal detect indicator, providing visual feedback on signal status for quick diagnostics and troubleshooting.
  9. Hot Pluggable:
    • Designed for hot-pluggable functionality, allowing the module to be replaced or added without interrupting the entire system.
  10. Laser Safety Compliance:
    • Class 1 laser product compliant with EN 60825-1 standards, ensuring the safety of laser technology use.

The Single Mode 10G Fiber Module is a versatile solution for high-performance networking applications, offering a powerful combination of speed, compliance with industry standards, and reliability. Whether deployed in data centers, telecommunications, or enterprise networks, this module excels in providing seamless connectivity for the most demanding requirements.

Tech Specs

Absolute Maximum Ratings

Storage Temperature TS -40 85 °C
Supply Voltage Vcc3 -0.5 4.0 V
Input Voltage VIN -0.5 Vcc V

Recommended Operating Conditions

Case Operating Temperature TC 0 70 °C
Supply Voltage Vcc3 3.1 3.5 V
Supply Current Icc3 600 mA

Transmitter Electro-optical Characteristics
Vcc = 3.1 V to 3.5 V, TC = 0 °C to 70 °C

Operating Data Rate 9.95 11.3 Gbps
Input Reference Clock Rate Not required
Output Power POUT +1 +5 dBm
Extinction Ratio ER dB
Center Wavelength λC 1330 nm
Sidemode Suppression Ratio SSRmin 30 dB
Relative Intensity Noise RIN -128 dB/Hz
Output Eye Compliant with IEEE802.3ae
Differential Input Voltage VDIFF 0.25 1.0 V
Transmit Fault Output-Low TX_FAULTL 0.0 0.5 V
Transmit Fault Output-High TX_FAULTH 2.4 VCC V
TX_DISABLE Assert Time t_off 10 µs
TX_DISABLE Negate Time t_on 2 ms
Time to Initialize t_init 300 ms